Living & Loving,

Living and Loving, Naturally

Living & Loving, Naturally – one couple’s perspective Kelsey and Eddie D. are a couple in their late 20s who love to live as naturally and sustainably as possible. They grow many of their own foods, shop local, and limit toxic chemicals in their cleaning and hygiene products. When it comes to their reproductive health, […]

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Appreciating Your Cycle

Appreciating Your Cycle A Conversation with Emily Kennedy, MSc Emily Kennedy, MSc, serves patients as both a Health Coach and a Fertility Educator at Reply. She also is a personal user of fertility awareness for natural family planning and health monitoring purposes: “My husband and I learned about fertility awareness through friends who were also […]

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Fertility Awareness APPs

There’s an APP for that… There are dozens (if not hundreds) of charting, fertility awareness, and period tracking apps out today, but their accuracy varies widely and very few of them are validated by evidence-based research. We sat down with our Director of Education, Lori Hartley, MPH, RN, who explained why learning a Fertility Awareness […]

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