6:00 – 7:00 pm

A Special Evening about
Postpartum Body Recovery:

Expert Panel and Q&A Discussion

Motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice. For 9 months a woman nourishes her baby with her own body. Every new week brings new changes not only for the growing life inside but for the woman’s body as well. After her baby is born, she spends most of her time and energy making sure the baby is happy and healthy.

But what about the new mother and her recovery?

Every mother deserves more attention on her recovery postpartum. We’ve brought together an incredible panel of experts to discuss the postpartum body recovery journey, why it’s so important to make postpartum healing a priority, and healthy, restorative practices to incorporate into daily life.

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A on this important topic.
Our panelists include:

Sarah Jernigan
Sarah Jernigan has been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner in cardiac surgery for 12 years. She lives in Durham and is married to Christian. Together they have the joy of raising their two children AJ (4) and Hannah (almost 2). After her years working in healthcare, multiple surgeries, and two difficult deliveries, Sarah has become passionate about encouraging patients to advocate for their needs no matter what area of healthcare they are navigating.

Dr. Lindsay Mumma
Lindsay Mumma, DC, is a BIRTHFIT Regional Director and chiropractor in Raleigh. She runs BIRTHFIT NC and serves as BIRTHFIT’s COO and Editor in Chief. She and her incredibly supportive husband have two vivacious boys. Her empowering birth experiences and supported postpartum journeys have shaped who she is and how she wants to help others. Dr. Mumma will discuss a timeline for intentional postpartum recovery through functional movement. From the immediate postpartum period through the entire first year and beyond, women can and should move in a way that supports and nourishes their body and its incredible feats.

Jennifer Harrington, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT
Jennifer Harrington is a pelvic floor physical therapist at UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill. Jenn completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy from UNC-Chapel HIll and went on to do a Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency with Centers for Rehab Services in Pittsburgh, PA before moving back to NC in 2012 to start up UNC’s Women’s and Men’s Health Physical Therapy Program. Jenn has a passion for teaching the general community as well as other healthcare providers about the relevance of the pelvic floor, and how to successfully evaluate and treat pelvic floor dysfunction. She will speak about pelvic floor physical therapy-what is involved with the evaluation and treatment, and how it can benefit patients with various postpartum diagnoses.

Reply Ob/Gyn physician, Dr. Rachel Urrutia will moderate the panel.

Doors open at 5:30, presentation begins at 6. Light Refreshments and plenty of time for Q&A. The presentation is FREE and open to the public, but space is limited so please register here to reserve your spot.

We hope you will join us! You deserve it!
We look forward to seeing you at Reply!
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